Frank Truman Asset Management

Frank Truman Asset Management aims to generate superior risk-adjusted returns through its transaction process and management of assets. Its approach to investing is founded on sound experience and track record, which in turn owes much to the quality of its investment team and close relationships built with various stakeholders in the market.

Frank Truman Asset Management’s strengths lie in

SOLID TRANSACTION PIPELINE: Having a solid pipeline of potential transactions due to its established network of relationships built over the last 50 years

ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS: Ensuring investment objectives are met through adopting a promoted or other suitable partnership model

OPPORTUNITY-LED: Being market driven, taking into account both short and long term risks and market dynamics

FAST DECISION MAKING: Operating through a lean decision-making structure, allowing for swift responses in changing circumstances

CONNECTED: Having access to a vast network of banking relationships, ensuring optimum funding structures can be found/adopted

DISCIPLINED: Applying investment processes based on thorough due diligence allied with rigorous, price-driven modelling and integrated risk controls

GLOBAL: Frank Truman Asset Management is part of a privately-owned business group. Established over 60 years ago, the group has vast experience in operating a range of businesses in Africa, Asia, North America and the UK. The group finances and manages high value portfolios globally.